Automate your Links with Jelly URL

Take your links to the next level with the Jelly link shortener.

Schedule real-time changes to your links, then sit back and watch the magic happen.

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Jelly Livestreams

Hosting a livestream event has never been easier with Jelly URL.

Have you ever had trouble getting everyone the link to your livestream? Has anyone ever gone to an old link, and not been able to find the current event?

When you use the same link for each stream, your viewers always know where to go. Schedule your link to point to a landing page before your event, and schedule it to switch to your event when it starts. It's that easy!

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Jelly Meetings

Eliminate the confusion when scheduling a meeting by using Jelly URL.

Meeting software not working today? Do you need to use a different link this week, but everyone still has the old one? What about the people who always forget to check their email for updates?

Share one link with all the participants and change where it leads if one platform is giving you trouble. After the meeting ends, direct the participants to a replay of the meeting using the same link.

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Jelly Branding

Keep your brand consistant with Jelly URL.

Do you find yourself putting long, ugly links in emails? Or maybe you're using a generic link shortener, where you don't have much control over how the link looks?

Use your custom domain name to make all your links fit your brand. When a customer sees a link with your custom link domain, they know it's worth clicking. You can supply as many custom domains as you want, and use them for any of your links.

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Unlimited scheduled changes

You can schedule changes to your link destinations with Jelly URL. Just specify when you want it to change and where you want it to go, that's it! The whole process is automated, once you make a schedule, you don't have to do any more work.

Completely customizable, make it your own

You can add custom domain names to your Jelly account, and you can customize the endings for your links.

Advanced analytics

Track everything that happens with your links. View your top links, see where visitors end up, view the growth on your account, and see how people access your links.

50 links, all yours

You can have 50 links running at a time, imagine the possibilities! We beileve Jelly URL can make any link better, so we made sure you'll have plenty to work with. If you need more, we can work something out.

QR code generator? Epic.

Your Jelly account has a QR code generator built in for all your links. You can easity download a QR code and share it with whomever you want!

UTM tracking support

Using UTM tracking on your website? You can easity integrate it with Jelly URL. Specify UTM values to automatically append to the destination.

Get started for free

We think you'll love Jelly URL, but you don't have to take our word for it. When you sign up, you'll get a 30-day free trial where you can get your bearings and try all the features!


Game changer for constantly changing links!

We constantly had people ending up with the wrong links trying to connect to meetings or looking for specific landing pages. Keeping a consistent URL to send to people for things such as Dynamic Zoom meetings makes it easy for people to always get where they are supposed to be.

Pastor at Gracepoint Church

Jelly makes life easier and efficient...

We do services with our church, and have links to those Live services on our website and in other apps. Prior to Jelly, I would have to go in and change those links prior to each service to point to the correct link.

Pastor at New Beginnings Church

JellyURL helped make our event a success

At our event, we used one button for all the sessions. We scheduled that link to change as the sessions changed, so no one would ever accidentally join the wrong session. It made the customer experience so much easier. Also, the support is amazing.

Program Manager at CMU